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[ Enterprise Culture ]


Enterprise purpose

User: make every attempt to create and meet user's valued demand and help them to success.

Staff: We're working at full blast to create the future and help our staff to succeed their career and happy their family.

Company (shareholders): always benefit others first, then ourselves.

Society / environment: Don't hold, to be calm, put yourself down then you can get energy finally.


Enterprise Philosophy(The core idea)

Product: Innovation100, service 100, stable quality 100, object 0.

Competition: only defeated yourself first can beyond your opponent.

Value: The Company's value is user's usefulness.

Brand: brand would create long-term value, long-term value create stream of wealth.

Execution: The system first, led second.

Marketing: think of a way to find and meet user’s needs, The user in the whole process.

Team: a person's energy is only a drop of water, a team's strength is the sea.

Salary: pay for result, no result is a shame.

Communication: It's the first skill for person.

Gratitude: Proud of gratitude, Ingratitude to shame, Gratitude is the first human mind.

Loyalty: loyalty to my country, loyal to my corporation.

Employee: position first, ability second.

Tribulation: If you want to make big business, you should suffering whenever and wherever.

Learning: learning is the first competitive power for everyone.

Thinking: When you working, you should with positive thinking.

Responsibility: Everything is meaningless if lack of responsibility, just, education, intelligence, confidence.


[ Main business ]


After fourteen years of development, we have now formed three large main export business and two domestic business. At the same time, we have "garden bee " and "asweets" two own exclusive brand.
The three large main export business’s details are as follows:
1. Agricultural and horticultural productsmainly exported to Japan, North America and European countries, accounting for about 20% of the overall business
2. Children's games product: mainly exported to Europe, North America, Australia and South Korea, Japan, accounting for about 40% of the total business
3. Cultural products mainly is the American Indian culture and the cowboy culture products, the mainly export market is North America, accounting for about 30% of the overall business.
The two domestic business’s details are as follows:
1.Gardening: The introduction of foreign advanced plants planting technology, combined with self innovative materials, innovative research and development a variety of applicable to family, education, roof and urban gardening products.
2. Children's games product: Devoted to the development of the wisdom of 3-7 years of age for children to provide products, to the child a personalized private space
Two domestic sales accounted for about 10% of the overall business
There are around 50 staffs in our company, and our office's area is 750 square meters.
Close cooperative enterprise:

[ Brand ]

1. Agricultural and horticultural products

The development strategy of horticultural products:

Vision: Bring the pastoral way of life into the town of thousands of households.

Mission: To create a Chinese urban family pastoral way of life.

Development goal: To become the first supplier of Chinese urban family pastoral way of life

Development strategy:

In 2013 year, planning start.

In 2014 year, open online shop, and store in the urban area of Hangzhou

In 2015 year, to build a sample store in Hangzhou.

In 2018 year, build online shop and store in the main city in Yangtze River

Before 2020 year, set up stores in the main city of the country

Before 2020 year, extend this kind of life to other field of countrywide main city

In 2025 year, diversification into different industries.

2. Children's games product

Development strategy of baby products

Vision: Baby's ownership mind should be set up when he was young.

Mission: to make the future society headed young people learn how to exchange, competition and cooperation during playing. So they can always open the door of wisdom.

Development goals: To become the first supplier of goods and services which for a period of 3-7 years children

Development strategy: 2013-2015 year, from pure foreign trade to the outside in the combination of excessive. Establishing the development team.

In 2015 year, achieve 10 million yuan scale.

In 2020 year, Established a national chain.

In 2025 year, Become the first supplier in China.



Hangzhou Zhaos Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.

ADD: Floor 21, A Building, SenHe Business Plaza, No.238

Hanghai Rd., Hangzhou China,310016

Legal Representative: ZHAO FUJIAN

Registered capital5million Yuan


Zhejiang Garden-bee Horticulture Technology Co.,Ltd.

ADD: Shangpu Industry Area ShangYU 312351

Legal Representative: ZHAO FUJIAN

Registered capital3.8million US DOLLARS

Main business: Plastic horticultural products & City family gardening

Web-site: & www.

Zhejiang Asweets Kids Product Co., Ltd.

ADD: Shangpu Industry Area ShangYU 312351

Legal Representative: ZHAO FUJIAN

Registered capital1.38million YUAN

Main business: baby&children products


[ Partial Registered patent ]

<!--[if !vml]-->Piece material of shade curtain Registration number:ZL200530104061.4

<!--[if !vml]-->A kind of teepee Registration number:ZL200520015599.2

<!--[if !vml]-->A kind of weed-control sheet Registration number:ZL200520100149.3

<!--[if !vml]-->A device which can provide the animation effect Registration number:ZL200920191751.0

<!--[if !vml]-->Page printed with animation effects Registration number:ZL201220135419.4

<!--[if !vml]-->A flower bed assembly Registration number:ZL201020558834.1

<!--[if !vml]-->Plush toys(series) Registration number:ZL201130228858.0

[ Company history ]

1998.04---------start export business under a state-owned foreign trade company

2001.12---------Established Hangzhou Zhaos Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd.

2003.11---------Established Zhaos Enterprises(Hangzhou)Ltd.

 2011.08---------Established Shangyu Zhaos Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.

 2013.07---------Shangyu Asweets Kids Product Co.,Ltd.

 2014.08 --------Shangyu Zhaos Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd change to Zhejiang Garden-bee Horticulture Technology Co.,Ltd.

 2015.11 --------Shangyu Asweets Kids Product Co., Ltd change to Zhejiang Asweets Kids Product Co., Ltd.

Floor 21,A Building,Senhe Business Plaza,
No.238 Hanghai Rd.,Hangzhou,China,310016